Expertise in preventive and remedial waterproofing




RASCOR is a highly specialized corporate group operating in the fields of waterproofing, grouting technology and building/structure preservation and repair. Based in Switzerland, the company develops and produces its own systems, products and machines for these applications. It is now represented by its own branches, subsidiaries and partner companies in a number of European, Asian and Arabian countries.

Our unique preventive and remedial waterproofing products are capable of tackling any type of waterproofing problem. Whatever the brief, RASCOR's systems will deliver the perfect response.

RASCOR's exclusive focus, from the start, on waterproofing systems has enabled it to accumulate a wealth of know-how. Today, the company's in-depth skill and experience are applied in three separately operating divisions.

Manufacture and sale of waterproofing products.

Design and development of waterproofing concepts and central pooling of RASCOR Group know-how.

Provision of full-range waterproofing services.

Environmental compatibility and durability
RASCOR's products are continually adapted in line with the latest standards and guidelines. Eco-efficiency plays a pivotal role in this regard, the achievement of maximum compatibility being enshrined in our corporate policy.
To meet the wide-ranging demands in terms of chemical resistance, RASCOR offers a variety of formulations that can be dovetailed to the needs of a particular project.


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