One-stop shopping with nothing left to chance – what could be more convenient than to delegate the entire responsibility for waterproofing problems to a proven specialist?


Waterproofing is nowadays recognized as a touchstone of construction quality. Sophisticated products applied within the framework of an integral system are more crucial than ever!
State-of-the-art waterproofing far transcends the mere installation of sealants and waterbars. The engineering component has become key to professional waterproofing design. The application of experience and know-how in meeting technical requirements and current standards plus the ability to pinpoint optimum solutions are absolute prerequisites for the successful development of an integral waterproofing system!
Our "White Tank" system is not simply a combination of waterproof concrete and joint seal. Due weight is given to the associated structural factors, correct design and layout of joints, specification of suitable concrete grades and adequate provision for the different types of penetration. Anything less may culminate in an endless nightmare of leakages and skyrocketing costs!

Concept design
RASCOR's engineers analyse the overall scheme in terms of structural design, groundwater/gravitational water conditions, facility size and requirements.

Detail design
Full responsibility is assumed for key aspects of design affecting reinforcement, joint type and layout, concrete formulation, concrete placing and curing.

Site operations
Our engineers provide counselling on and actively supervise the incorporation of the RASCOR "White Tank" waterproof concrete basement system.

Quality assurance is essential to the achievement of the agreed standards of workmanship. These activities are performed continuously up to acceptance/handover and the start of the defects liability period.
Despite clear-cut project information, e.g. in the form of drawings, and the specification of identical, recurring building elements, ad hoc changes with implications for the waterproofing system frequently prove necessary. Even in such cases, our flexible system, backed by a specialist team, will guarantee 100% watertightness.

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