RASCOR's skilled, committed waterproofing experts are present on site to guarantee top-quality workmanship. 

Our contracting companies offer a full complement of preventive and remedial waterproofing packages for all areas of building construction and civil engineering.
The RASCOR "White Tank" waterproof concrete basement system achieves cost and time savings for clients, designers and contractors alike. With a qualified specialist always at hand, nothing is left to chance in ensuring the development of a professional solution and successful delivery of a watertight structure.
In preventive waterproofing applications, RASCOR can truly supply the perfect solution to any particular problem. RASCOtec injection systems and RASCOtight hydrophilic systems are certain to provide the ideal answer to your specific needs.
Project designs that make minimal, if any, waterproofing provision are far from uncommon. Thanks to our vast experience in remedial waterproofing, we are even able to make existing facilities absolutely watertight. Once the refurbishment concept has been prepared, our specialists can waterproof the structure in next to no time using hand-picked products to meet the particular demands.

Backed by a fleet of ultra-modern vehicles, our swift, flexible service ensures top-class performance and economical deployment on any site.


Our consistently high levels of excellence are upheld by means of regular staff training courses.

Bringing to bear a wealth of knowledge and skill, our highly experienced operatives carry out the works to the highest of standards. What better guarantee for impeccable workmanship across the board!

RASCOR worldwide
The various companies work separately within their particular geographical area or, in tandem, at national and international level. RASCOR collaborates with its contractors in developing and implementing projects across the globe.